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NSTV Shows its Talent on Innovation during IBC 2015


Being one of the most famous and influential event in broadcasting industry, IBC 2015 was held successfully in Amsterdam in Netherland from September 11th to 15th which had attracted more than 55000 visitors and 1700 world leading companies from all over the world. There are numerous kinds of exhibits which show the creativeness and the tolerance and bring a big surprise to the visitors.

NSTV had display its hi-tech products and solutions on IBC, its exhibits including Secure Max, MIS, More Fun, Screen Cross and Tethered Aerial Signal Transmission Unit and been speak highly of by the operators. In the overseas market development, NSTV is always insisting the principle of guided by customer need to provide the high quality user experience, on the basis of the strong R&D team to improve the product to make it more competitive in the market.

Secure Max not only integrated the traditional CAS and DRM, it also steps into a new stage with the development of the industry. It has been a full platform security solution on the basis of the DVB, IPTV, OTT and etc. Screen Cross, as a hot product, its business models including family model, school model, bank model, factory model, operator bandwidth model and Internet model. In the discussion with the operators, its business model has been proved and extended. More Fun, as the latest developed product, was shown to the public for the first time. More Fun is a DVB HD smart router integrated the STB function. It meets the customers’ needs and has extensive applications. Tethered Aerial Signal Transmission Unit based on multicopter UAV, high-power DC electric transmission technology and new composite material, together with STV HD image downlink device which achieves long-distance wireless transmission of digital images, can be deployed in video recording, television transmission, video surveillance, and military. 

2015 IBC has been held successfully, during this show NSTV shows its determine to provide better user experience and will make more achievements in the overseas market.  


Mr. David, the VP of NSTV, is talking with the customers


The visitors are talking with our engineer about our product