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STV Security Management Unified Platform was developed by STV independently with complete intellectual property rights.


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 STV Security Management Unified Platform was developed by STV independently with complete intellectual property rights. The platform can provide security solutions for full-service based on multiple platforms such as DVB, IPTV and OTT. The platform is designed based on open interfaces, and is easy to integrate with many other third-party systems, such as SMS, program dispatch management system, multiplexer, scrambler, STB, etc. The system adopts a modular design which can provide very high stability and reliability, with a combination of algorithms and the key cycle encryption method which provides strong security for any system. The unified platform can also provide comprehensive link protection for VOD and live programs. This will give you with secure and reliable technical support for your pay TV business.

STV Security Management Unified Platform has won over both domestic and overseas operators , becoming widely accepted by its partners because of its openness, superior performance, secure encryption system, stable operation and quality service. It will bring you the following benefits:
 It can realize content protection under both one-way and two-way network conditions, as well as supporting beginning businesses under multiple modes of network!
 Following international and domestic industry standards, it provides open interfaces for many third-party systems such as SMS, EPG, Scrambling and Multiplexing system, VOD system, data broadcasting system, middleware, advertisement system and STB.
Support for multiple terminals, including one-way and two-way STB, HD and SD STB, DVB+OTTSTB, OTT smart STB, DONGLE, IPONE,IPAD, Android mobile, PC, etc.
Support live, offline file encryption and copyright protection, with a flexible and convenient revoking mechanism to ensure those operators’ interests.
Supports revoking entitlement via ECM, Program rating control, dye tracking, and many other countermeasures of CW spreading.
Having strong experience with R&D, following industry development, STV covers customers in all required functions and products.


 (1) STV conditional access system(CDCAS)


 One-way and two-way network
 Cable TV, satellite and terrestrial broadcasting
2、System functions
 Preordered Program Change (PPC);
 Pay Per View (PPV);
 Impulse Pay Per View (IPPV),supporting remote recharging;
 Free Viewing;
 PVR (need the support of set-top boxes);
 Working hours control;
 Fingerprint Display;
 Super OSD;
 Super Fingerprint Display;
 Batch authorization;
 Group authorization;
 Initialize smart card;
 Key replacing;
 Revoke entitlement via ECM
 HD preview;
 Simple preview;
 Ordinary preview
 SC-STB pairing;
 Family Cards;
 Area control;
 Conditional blackout;
 Control scrambling by channel, program and elementary stream;
 Entitle control for multi-channel package and multi-program package;
 Achieve multiple operators mode like cooperating authorization operation or independent operation mode using one smart card;
 Program level control and parents control;
 OSD display and TV Email by broadcasting addressing mode.
 Standard simulcryption and multicryption;
 SMS access authorization control;
 STB software OTA(over the air);
 Bidirectional function;
3、System advantages
 Serial design of smart card COS, high security
 Independent card issue system ensures the security of card issue process.
 Internationally advanced hierarchical key system ensures security and efficiency.
 A variety of the authorization revoking strategies to prevent from watching programs illegally.
 Encryptor adopts the new smart card array technology, secure and efficient
 The domestic origination “container design” allows to assign different EMM sending strategy, which will meet all kinds of operation requirements.
 Strong addressing capability supports logical combination of elements, and can be used for sending advertisement, paying information, etc.
Two-way network:
 Sending authorization through two-way network to save broadcasting network bandwidth
 Support getting hold of users watching behavior via viewing rate statistics and analyzing the reason that effected the rate.
 Ensure subscriber has received the anti-authorization package by a confirmation mechanism.
 Realize digital signature by using two-way network, which provides a way for online payment.
Stability and scalability:
 Perfect redundancy and backup mechanism ensures secure and stable operation
 Support system capacity upgrading and smart card online upgrading
 Ranking the first in market share, the product is mature and stable, and has been running without a problem under large user scale conditions for an extended period of time.

4、After-sales service:
 Good after-sales service, prompt response, 365*24 hours emergency services call center.
 proprietary intellectual property rights, providing different solutions for different operating requirements and conditions.
 Having a first-class technical service team, we can provide operators with localized service.
 Having a wealth of experience, we can ensure the overall transfer process goes smoothly.
 By simulating an accurate operating environment, the platform provides operators with a more suitable operation mode.
5、Value-added services
 Support NVOD、PushVOD、VOD
 Support TSTV(time shift TV)
 Support PVR function based on right control
 symmetric key and PKI mutual authentication
 OSD and TV Email solution based on the powerful addressing capability
 Support pay per time solution
 Support data broadcasting encryption scheme, HD TV and some special applications, etc.

(2) STV’s digital rights management system(ProDRM)
1. System introduction
STV’s ProDRMTM is a complete DRM solution providing end to end content protection for interactive new media business. It is suitable for IPTV, two-way DTV, internet TV, mobile TV, Push VOD, digital family and many other business and content protection service.

2. ProDRMTM terminal
STV’s ProDRM supports multiple terminal modes. Different terminal modes serve different terminal devices and the requirements of security:
a. Advanced secure chip: suitable for high security demand
b. IC card (smart card, USB key, micro SD, etc.): flexible, common terminal mode, suitable for security demand
c. Software mode: suitable for open terminal device such as mobile phone, tablet, providing the most economic deployment solution

3. Functions and features:
a. ProDRMTM functions:
 Provide right protection for live, VOD, time-shift, downloading, PPV, PVR, etc.
 Achieve client functions, such as authorization, anti-authorization, freeze, unfreeze, and application functions such as OSD, email.
 Pay for right. The right in clouds viewing, copy,etc.
 Content can be authorized by product. Live programs can be authorized by time duration. VOD content can be authorized by program.
 User client support right protection during fast forward, fast rewind, and switching.
 Support domain management;
 Support free preview;
 Support piracy tracing(dye tracing technology, watermark/ fingerprint technology);

b. ProDRMTM features:
 High security: content encryption, right management, mutual authentication, storage, copy, piracy tracing, etc.
 High performance: optimization design and excellent scalability;
 Manageability: unified configuration and management can be done on system console. System can also support unified monitoring;
 Openness: adopt international standard protocols and algorithms;
 Reliability/ scalability: system can support many stability methods such as load balance and active stand-by switching, for more than millions of users.


Till now, STV has provided services and products to more than 400 operators globally, and issued more than 100 million smart cards. The domestic market share of STV has exceeded 50%, ranking first in China, according to authoritative third-party statistics.

In February, 2002, our company officially signed an agreement with CCTV and became its general integrator of transmission platform construction as well as its vendor of CAS, SMS and EPG systems.
The integration of CCTV digital TV platform was a highly technical project. CCTV adopted CA systems from STV, NDS and Irdeto to do simulcrypt. Due to the differences of conditions between the three CA systems, plus technology blockade from foreign CAS manufacturers and strong coupling between systems, this integration became extremely complex. In order to take full advantages of simulcrypt system, STV created the idea of building an open system, unifying AC (Access Criteria), and independently developed EIS software, which abandoned principal and subordinate CAS deployment methods, and created an open and unified simulcrypt system at business level.
Additionally, CCTV3, CCTV5, CCTV6 and CCTV8 cover more than 7000 regions of China and more than 25 million users. The wide range of aspects and high complexity made this project very rare in the world.
After extensive staff's efforts, STV completed the simulcrypt integration. The three CA systems were running equally, which was first achieved in the world. In April, 2002 the project started design and deployment, and finished In June. CCTV using the system tested the interactive television channel CCTV - SI, during the World Cup. The system has been running successfully since October 1st, 2002.
The design and implementation of this difficult project was entirely crafted by STV. STV overcame various difficulties, successfully completing the task with excellent organization and implementation, gaining high praised from CCTV.
In 2003, CCTV built the first national program platform, according to SARFT’s four major platform project specifications. Relying on strong technical strength and excellent after-sales service ability, STV cooperated again with CCTV on this project, and became its general integrator of transmission platform construction and the vendor of CAS, SMS and EPG system. STV completed simulcrypt integration with NDS, Irdeto and DVN. The system has been running in good condition from October, 2003.

Hangzhou digital TV
Hangzhou digital TV was established in January 15, 2004 and officially took over the digital TV services platform from Cable Television Network Center in Hangzhou. Hangzhou digital TV officially began commercial operations in March 25, 2004. STV gave strong product and technical support to Hangzhou digital TV during its preparation, establishment and commercial operations. In July, 2004 STV's CAS successfully completed CA simulcrypt and acted as a principal CA system. STV also provided smart card and technical services for Hangzhou digital. August 21, 2004, Haitao Zhang, deputy director of SARFT visited Hangzhou digital TV and spoke highly of the "Hangzhou Model" in the digital television field. At the end of the year, Hangzhou digital TV successfully achieved the target of "100,000 cable subscribers transformation in 2004" ordered by the municipal government. The above proves that STV established a good beginning for the Hangzhou digital TV network transformation with great passion and best services.
On December 31, 2005, the number of subscribers using the transformed network, reached 516,000 in Hangzhou, The city had nearly completed the overall conversion from analog television to digital television, and became one of the fastest cities to develop widespread digital television in China. STV created a solid foundation for "Hangzhou mode" on the basis of its strong technical strength and gradually worked out a suitable strategy for a Chinese "digital transformation" to meet the changing market demand. STV constantly improves the system efficiency and develops a number of convenient operational tools to ensure efficient operation and good service
STV crafted the development model of digital TV, which helped Hangzhou broadcasters develop the transformation to cable TV digitization. Pioneering interactive digital TV, and the processing of interactive digital TV applications in China, STV CAS showed excellent performance in two-way networks. STV CAS extended digital TV service to the “new network, new communication, new media, new application” field, getting the comprehensive advantages in many areas, such as technology innovation, application innovation and business model innovation, which gave an improved design of the "Hangzhou model". STV helped Hangzhou broadcaster to achieve the conversion of digitization in the whole city. The number of subscribers, using transformed network, exceeded 1 million at the end of 2006, and gained good social and economic benefits. STV also successfully issued more than 1 million smart cards in one place, achieving a miracle in the field of the China digital TV.

China Network Systems Co., LTD (CNS)
STV cooperated with CNS, the giant of Digital TV industry in Taiwan, taking ProDRM into Taiwan market. Using excellent technology to ensure the secure transmission of Internet video content, ProDRM system protected OTT service for CNS. STV spares no effort to help to develop digital family business in Taiwan.
Taiwan is one of the most saturated cable TV markets in Asia. Its market penetration rate exceeds 85%. As the biggest digital TV multi-system operator CNS occupies more than 26% of the market share, and serves hundred thousands of cable television subscribers. With the development of CNS network broadband accessing, interactive TV and FTTH provide subscribers with a series of integrated digital video content and service. In recent years, the importance of content security in interactive new media business is getting serious. STV is a powerful company in the information security field, and developed the DRM system with independent intellectual property rights based on its more than 10 years of experience. Adopting a series of the most advanced technologies in video security and protection field such as content encryption, access control, key changing, mutual authentication, digital fingerprinting, clone detection and dye tracking, STV puts on a hard and protective clothing for the naked content in the open network environment. ProDRM is the biggest enemy of digital piracy and copy behavior, it will protect the operator’s rights. That why CNS chose STV.

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