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Business Operation Support System

STV BOSS is dedicate for deployment in digital broadcasting TV service, digital interactive TV, broadband service, satellite broadcasting service and comprehensive services, providing a strong and powerful operation support platform.


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 STV BOSS can provide a continuous developing, value-added digital TV operation support platform. It will improve operation management and competitive power while evolving a rapidly increasing and developing of service. The following benefits are shown below:
 Customized marketing strategy for the broadcasting operator digital TV service, digital interactive TV service, broadband service, satellite live broadcasting service and so on;
 Support a centralized, hierarchical operation and management;
 Support combination charging, prepaid, post-paid, charging by month, time, time duration, traffic, fix rate, fix price, segment, segment accumulation, duration discount and fix duration and so on;
 Mining potential customers and providing whole position customer relations management; providing everything from subscription processing, customer compliance, resource management, service provision, to subscription management end to end customer service solution.
 Providing different staff order templates, invoice templates, marketing strategies, and package and accounting rules for different operators;
  Support ProDRM digital TV entitlement, Push VOD, broadband, satellite live broadcasting service;
 Generate business, resource, account report timely and accurately, operator can know the operation situation well.


3.1 STV-BOSS Solution

BOSS System Feature:
1. Advanced Design Concept
As a new generation product, STV BOSS adopts advanced design concept, meets all operator requirements, supports hierarchical architecture, and provides a perfect solution for operator.
2. All Services For All Network
STV BOSS can support basic and value-added service of analog cable, digital cable, broadband, VOD, satellite, and terrestrial network.
3. Advanced Technical System
STV BOSS adopts SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture), proprietary ESB (Enterprise Service Bus), and oracle technology to provide a flexible, open and efficient system.
4. Unified And Openness Platform
STV BOSS integrates various services from different operators and provides a unified service model, provides a openness service interface, maximum reduces integration cost.
5. Rich Functions
STV BOSS can provide business hall, call center, portal website, SMS platform multiple service processing channel, charge by hours, month, year, traffic, program, provide white list, black list, accumulate points, credit and many management and service method. Customer can pay with cash, bank remitted, recharge card and various type.
6. Flexible Deployment
STV BOSS can support single, double and multiple tier hierarchical architecture for national operator, province operator, city operator and county operator. All operator can select deployment flexible and freely.

Function Feature
1. Customer Service “one stop”
Customer can subscribe, unsubscribe, register, pay, print bill by operation hall, call center, portal website, SMS various channels.
2. Excellent Customer Management
STV BOSS can provide customer relationship management with enterprise management therapy and business idea. Black/white list, accumulate points, credit can provide whole position management method. Person, group, VIP management can provide distinctive service for different customer.
3. Unified Product Model
STV BOSS adopts unified product model. All the analog TV, digital TV, HD TV, data broadcasting, interactive TV, broadband access service can use this model.
4. Accounting Management
STV BOSS can provide two kinds of accounting system. One is “offline accounting”, another is “online accounting”. “Offline accounting” can process huge amounts of data efficiently by adopting batch processing. “Online accounting” can show the bill by adopting real time processing. Both systems can charge by the hour, month, year, traffic, and program.
5. Unified Bill
No matter prepaid or postpaid mode, STV BOSS will provide unified bill to the customer.
6. Reasonable Resource Management
STV BOSS can manage all kinds of resources, comprehensively manage smart card, STB, and recharge card.
7. Partner and Potential Customer Management
STV BOSS can manage information of partners and potential customers, providing important reference for the partners by sharing the information.
3.2 SMS (subscriber management system) Solution

STV summarizes the digital TV platform operation experience, adopts newly developed service requirements, and develops Miracle SMS with independent intellectual property rights. Miracle SMS adopts advanced modularization design, including BSS (Business Support System) and OSS (Operation Support System), and designs rich function modules according to service requirements. Miracle SMS is a management platform to improve customer satisfaction, service quality; and pushes out digital TV value-added service when faced with a rapidly changing market. Miracle SMS can support hierarchical management architecture which provides centralized management, distributed operation, program controllable functions.

 STV BOSS is an advanced operation support platform in digital TV industry with perfect design idea, rich service functions and experiences. From now on, STV has provided BOSS to over 80 operators. The operators showed below:
 China DTV Media lnc., Ltd.
 CCTV Satellite Transmission Center
 Qinghai province Broadcasting TV Information Network Co., Ltd
 Wuhan Broadcasting Digital Network Co., Ltd
 Heilongjiang province TV Station
 Taizhou Digitl TV Company
 Luoyang Broadcasting TV Network Co., Ltd
 Benxi Broadcasting TV Station
 Daqing Broadcasting TV Information Transmission Co., Ltd
 Jining Broadcasting TV Network Co., Ltd
 Huabei Oil Telecommunication Company
 Ningbo Digitl TV Co., Ltd
 Shuozhou Broadcasting TV Network Co., Ltd
 Datong Coal Mine Group Co., Ltd.
 Jincheng Anthracite Mining Group
 Pingshuo Coal Industry Company
 BeiJing Capital Airport television Media Co., Ltd
 Yancheng Broadcasting TV Information Development Co., Ltd
 Nantong Broadcast Media Digital TV Co., Ltd
 Yancheng Broadcasting TV Information Development Co., Ltd


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