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SCREEN CROSS Multi-Screen Broadcasting

At present, most cable systems are one-way systems in China, its player terminal confined to TV (or set-top box + TV). With the advancement of technology, a variety of mobile video terminals have emerged and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future, primarily focusing on the ever wider variety of smart phones and tablets. 


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At present, most cable systems are one-way systems in China, its player terminal confined to TV (or set-top box + TV). With the advancement of technology, a variety of mobile video terminals have emerged and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future, primarily focusing on the ever wider variety of smart phones and tablets. Those mobile terminals are quietly changing the public consumption of videos and affecting our lifestyle.
In order to transmit cable television programs to those mobile video terminals, STV has developed a new kind of broadcasting system named SCREEN CROSS, broadcasting content to mainstream mobile intelligent terminals, providing strong support for cable operators to seize new screens.
STV's SCREEN CROSS follows the broadcasting solutions on the traditional digital TV platform, and adopts the wireless LAN security protection solution for program content. SCREEN CROSS has superior characteristics such as not occupying bandwidth, supporting high-definition programs, and excellent user experience which meet the growing demand of end-users who use high-quality mobile video devices to watch TV programs, providing a new source of profits for cable operators. Obviously STV's SCREEN CROSS is the most suitable multi-screen viewing solution for domestic cable operators. 

 SCREEN CROSS is an end to end solution consisting of head-end, transmission network and terminals. Head-end includes transcoding, SCREEN CROSS system, authorization system, information system and advertisement system. Like the original digital TV system, content is transmitted via cable network. Terminal includes SCREEN CROSS gateway, WIFI router, and smart terminals. Transmission process from head-end to SCREEN CROSS gateway is protected by CAS, and the transmission process from gateway to terminals is managed by authorization system. The whole system is manageable and controllable.
Excellent experience: convenient, high-definition wireless video services; Flexible Operation: multiple modes of cooperation, flexible charging methods, strategies; rich content resources--diverse content, live, broadcasting, local program, third-party resource ;
Extensive scene: watch broadcasting content on portable devices, suitable for a wide range of environments.
Terminals: PCs, tablet computers and smart phones; Manageable and controllable: manage the whole transmitting process by using CAS + certification module;
Whole network transmission: suitable for actual situation of the current broadcasting operators network, rapid development of large user scale, no follow-up problems at the head-end under the situation of broadcasting;
Parallel broadband: seamlessly access to broadband business provided by other network operators, no interference between broadcasting video consumption and user’s original broadband services.

 1) Broadcasting broadband service (Liaocheng)
To enrich the user experience and reduce bandwidth load, Liaocheng Broadcaster introduced SCREEN CROSS system taking the advantage of SCREEN CROSS to enlarge its home broadband user scale. By doing this, they were able to expand their market of home broadband and two-way network service.
Liaocheng Broadcaster has transformed its broadcasting network into 2-way network by using EPON+EOC technology. EOC terminals support internet access and WIFI function. Mobile terminals can access internet via WIFI. SCREEN CROSS gateway was deployed at the EOC head-end which was put at the passageway, where the gateway was connected with the EOC head-end swatch by network cable. An EOC terminal was placed in user’s home, and it supports STB to receive TV programs via coaxial cable, to achieve playback, VOD functions by using network cable. The EOC terminal also provided network cable to allow PC to access internet, and WIFI function to let mobile devices access internet and NBP service.
By doing this, Liaochen Broadcaster has combined live service provided by SCREEN CROSS and broadband service together, which has attracted more broadband users. As one of the highlights of value-added business, this strategy attracts customers to buy paid program. Till now, SCREEN CROSS only provides paid programs, and only broadcaster’s broadband users could enjoy SCREEN CROSS service. By enjoying paid-programs on the small-screen, more users buy paid-programs. Liaocheng Broadcaster developed a number of home broadband users in the short term, after they launched SCREEN CROSS, which helps broadcaster not only earned a large profit but promoted the development of the local broadcasting business and extended their business to hand-held devices.
Every local user installed SCREEN CROSS on their smart devices. With the increased number of users, Liaocheng broadcaster is cooperating with STV to develop local advertisement resource. In subsequent business developments, Liaocheng Broadcaster will continue making full use of the advantages it has gained from SCREEN CROSS service to achieve whole city network coverage, and complete the “Smart City” project.

2) Hospital Mode in Dandong
The broadcaster of Dandong city in Liaoning province, focused on the promotion of SCREEN CROSS in public places during the current early stages of its use of SCREEN CROSS services. They expected to profit by charging service fees and participating in the profit of SCREEN CROSS advertising. After fully researching the technical requirements, Dandong broadcaster chose several hospitals, one of which was Dandong hospital and the Dandong Airport New Terminal as business pilots, to carry out the city's SCREEN CROSS project promotion.
The construction of Dandong hospital is completed now. It will be taken as a blueprint, and copied in other public places to carry out new services for multi-screen video and network services!

3) School Mode in Jiangxi
Most college dormitories don't have digital TV, but watching live programs has become a rigid requirement in college dormitories or enterprise dormitories, as a variety of variety shows and TV series are becoming more and more popular.
Charging strategy followed the traditional pricing model. Charges are dependent on the program package, the number of accessed terminals and authorized time duration. Of course, it also supports advertising revenue. In addition to traditional consumer product advertising, it will also attract a number of private training institutions eager to advertise directly to their customers via the platform, specifically specialized training, CET training, employment training, postgraduate training, overseas training and other businesses and industries. The SCREEN CROSS advertisement system supports targeted delivery, as advertising content can be different for different regions. Thus, it can satisfy different advertising demands.

4) Bank mode in Jining
Jining broadcaster deployed SCREEN CROSS in all local banks to improve service level. They put banks’ latest policy and finance information into SCREEN CROSS advertisements to improve banking business, and get profit by charging banks for the service.

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