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Next Generation Broadcasting Network

Wireless television network NGB(Next Generation Broadcasting Network)is a full coverage next generation broadcasting network which is supported by the core technology of "high performance broadband information network." It is suitable for the Chinese triple play situation that can also provide the combination of wireless broadcast television and high-speed Internet. 

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2. Value
1. It makes full use of Chinese broadband network resources, which not only conforms to the situation of our country, but also reduces the cost of analog-digital transformation. This will prompt the construction of a national high performance broadband information network at a low cost, making it the international leader in new generation information infrastructure, and increases the development of information technology.
2. Promotes the transformation of traditional media and new media. Speeds up the development of Chinese logistics information services. Promotes innovation in the field of information science and technology. Enhances core competitiveness of China's technology development.
Cutting edge of development in relevant industries;
3. NGB will help to achieve the goal developing "triple play" to a higher technical level than ever before, which has important strategic significance for China to become the leading country of "triple play".

3. Product description
1. Solution:
NGB is the controllable, manageable and reliable interactive broadcasting network, which can support simultaneous transmission of digital and analog signal, bidirectional interaction, multicast, push mode and broadcast.
2. :Sketch map:


 4. Essential feature
1. Service feature
Interconnection, openness, interaction, intelligence
2. Network features
Full coverage, two-way network, hybrid transmission, smart home
 Open service architecture, transparent transmission
 Support cross-boundary services, level-to-level administration and uniform settlement.
 User identification and entitlement.
 Coordinate with ACR through a dedicated interface to achieve management of user interface and user business.
3. Controllable and manageability
Manageable content, controllable businesses, credible network, reliable services.
 Having independent operation platform, support content operation and management for different regions under open operation condition by using a unified operation framework to guarantee the security of business content, controllable and manageability of network.
 The control system contains network management, content monitoring, mixed service and user security management.
 The management system is very intelligent. It can adjust to the network bearing capacity, service ability and mode, according to the change of network operating condition.

4. Terminal features
It can receive signals, and there is no need to buy a new special terminal, as long as the terminal is based on IOS, android or other commonly used terminal platforms.
 New smart home network center
 Supports both wired and wireless networks, as well as easy to build family information networks and internet of things.
 Supports multiple accessing methods and 3D videos.
 Adopts transparent computing technology to ensure the openness and security of applications.

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