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Next-Generation Broadcast Network Wireless System

NGB-W is a premier wireless television network, achieving national unified technical architecture. NGB-W covers the whole broadcasting process for an entire network, with bidirectional interactive framework, high-speed bandwidth, manageability, complete control, and reliability. Adopting an open business platform, NGB-W can carry a wide variety of triple play businesses to provide users with refined service, thereby upgrading the existing wireless broadcasting network system in all aspects.


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 1. Provides high quality wireless broadcasting TV service such as HD, 3D, 4K, UHD, etc.
2. Supports the transformation from the cable to wireless field on new broadcasting services, and achieves the integration and coordination with NGB-C business. NGB-W can provide services for all kinds of new DTV business appearing in the future, creating new possibilities and meeting the needs of users to watch TV anytime, anywhere.
3. Taking the intelligence engine as the core and building connections of content between intelligent networks and their users and terminals. The system selects the correct content from the growing mass media content, which then efficiently transmits it to the right user at a low cost by using the most efficient means of transmission, as well as the most suitable client application form.
4. Supports new generation of intelligent terminals used for fixed, mobile, portable and many other receiving modes, as well as downloading, installation, usage of smart applications, and also intelligent recommendations, intelligent searches, intelligent distribution, etc.

 1. Platform solution:
NGB-W is a triple play service, covering the wide-area network of China. NGB - W network in different regions are connected with each other through a backbone network, which achieves transmission cooperation of user and business data. Using unified operational support and core network system, it supports the entire network transmission and settlement between networks.
2. Sketch map:

4. System Structure
1. Head-end System
NGB-W head-end system is a business and management system that uses an intelligent engine as the core driver and is composed of content service platforms, integrated broadcast platforms, intelligent engine platforms and secure management platforms. In order to meet users’ needs, NGB-W creates intelligent connection between content, network, users and the terminals by using information gathering and data processing technology, providing multiple types of media business application services and managing the security and operation of content to ensure there is total control, manageability, and reliability.
2. Transmission system
NGB - W transmission system is a subsystem responsible for connecting the front and the terminal system and completing the efficient transmission for unidirectional broadcasting business and bidirectional interactive business. NGB - W transmission system following the Pareto principle, under the unified dispatching of the intelligent engine, uses broadcasting to transmit common content, two-way network to transmit particular content, via the cooperation between large broadcasting towers, interactive small towers and each subsystems, which will ease content redundant transmission pressure of network traffic, saving two-way flow, thus reducing the network operations and economic cost.
3. Terminal system
The terminal system includes televisions, laptops, tablets, smart phones, etc. As long as the terminal is based on IOS, android or other commonly used terminal platforms, it can receive the correct signals, and there is no need to buy a new special terminal. The terminal can receive NGB - W unidirectional radio signals directly, or through the Wireless Local Area network (WLAN). Terminals using intelligent operating systems can support downloading, installation and usage of NGB - W applications.


Users can access the NGB-W network by using their TV, outdoor screens, laptops, tablets, smart phones, vehicle-mounted and airborne touch screen terminals, etc, gaining access to all the services listed below.

-Real-time broadcasting programs
Users can watch real-time broadcasting programs with zero delays, anywhere in the network.

-Social TV
Users can create a social circle of video content sharing, allowing them to spread the word about new series and games, making watching TV a social event.

-Playback/Time-shift programs
The user friendly format allows users to play back or time-shift their favorite programs with the touch of a button.

-Audio and video on demand
Because of the multimedia nature of the network, all audio and video programs are available on demand.

-Smart EPG
Users can connect to the NGB-W network and check the EPG (Electronic Program Guide) information to get the broadcast time as well as a brief introduction of programs that they are interested in.

-Online video/VOD/OTT TV
The NGB-W network lets users enjoy internet accessing service, online video, VOD, and OTT TV.

-Information service
Users can get access to NGB-W network and check service information, weather forecast, government affairs, community notification, and other service information.

- Puzzle Games
Users can play a wide variety of games, saving their scores and progress on every device connected to the network.

- Interactive voting
By accessing the NGB-W network, users can participate in interactive voting with other audiences, allowing them to vote without missing a minute of the program.

-Download and install applications
Users can get access to NGB-W network, download and install interesting applications by using their TV, smart phone, tablet, etc.

-TV shopping
Users can shop online by using any device connected to the NGB-W network.

Users can check their email, and even send their email from their TV, or any other NGB-W connected device.

- Browse the web
The NGB-W allows users to browse the internet, anytime, anywhere with anything, as long as they are connected to the network.

- Audio/video calls
The NGB-W network means users can call friends and family on the tv or any other device connected to the network.

- Remote interactive education
Users can connect to the NGB-W network and enjoy remote interactive education, a very big benefit to people who live in small towns or work full time.

- Navigation
Users can receive real-time traffic conditions, accidents and other traffic information, by using vehicle-mounted terminals.

- Internal private network
Employees can enjoy voice and video communication services by using private network terminals.

- Motor vehicle intelligent identification and parking management
Relevant government departments can achieve motor vehicle intelligent identification and parking management in various situations, and get the data of all parking lots to improve the management of parking lots.

- Emergency broadcasting
Users can get access to NGB-W network and receive emergency broadcast message by using TV, outdoor screens, laptops, tablets, smart phones, vehicle-mounted and airborne touch screen terminals, etc., when natural disaster, accident, or threat of public health and social security happens.

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