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Digital TV Universal Platform

nDUP1000 is widely used in the digital TV head-end and contains “multiplex, scramble, modulate, frequency conversion” functions.  

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nDUP1000 is widely used in the digital TV head-end and contains “multiplex, scramble, modulate, frequency conversion” functions. What’s more, nDUP1000 is a high density digital TV unified platform which can realize digital TV stream cross connection, processing, broadcasting and output the signal to HFC network by RF port. 

With high density, modularization, and no critical frequency characteristic, nDUP1000 can perfectly meet various network requirements for any operator. In addition, it can be conveniently upgrade, and expanded rapidly to respond to continuous operation challenges.


nDUP1000 is a new generation, high density and edge IPQAM modulator. Adopting advanced technology, and high reliability, flexibility, customization unified platform, it is widely used in the digital TV broadcast, VOD and value-added services. nDUP1000 can output 96 frequency point QAM signal, and it can be deployed in central node, edge node and community fiber aggregation site.

nDUP1000 receives transport stream from CDN or video server by Gigabit port, then retrieves specific transport stream, after multiplex, scramble, PCR correcting, modulation, output signal to HFC network by RF port finally.

Product Appearance


Front Panel

nDUP1000 provides operation status indicators, RS-232 interface and console:


1: Device operation indicator can show the operation status.
2: GbE_A and GbE_B indicator can show the connection status.
3: Fans implement front-to-rear ventilation.
4: 10/100BaseT console can monitor and configure device.
5: RS-232 interface can query basic parameter and recover factory setting.
Rear Panel

nDUP1000 rear panel can provide 2 power supply interfaces and 6 slots:


1、2、3、4、5、6:Totally 6 slots.
7:RF interface can output 16 QAM frequency point, each card has one RF interface.
8: GbE-A and GbE-B are hot/standby ports.
9:SFP electric or fiber is available.
10:Two power supply units are swappable and redundancy.

nDUP1000 can re-multiplex service from DVB/IP to specific MPTS (multiple program transport stream), and then modulate MPTS to RF signal and output the signal to the HFC network.

 Modularization design: supports a maximum 6 slots.
High density processing capacity: supports 96 QAM frequency point.
Flexible frequency setting: is not affected by adjacent frequency.
Friendly UI: facilitate manage and monitor remotely.
High reliability: GbE ports are 1+1 redundancy for each slot; N+1 can be well supported between slots.
Auto mapping rules: meet different VOD system requirements.
Hot swappable design: slot and power supply unit can be swapped without interrupting service, auto updating configurations.
Standard management protocol: centralized monitoring.
Sound technical support: facilitates the upgrade of software and device expansion.


1. VOD


2.DTV Broadcasting


nDUP1000 is used in Fujian Cable successfully. Now, more than 100 nDUP1000 are deployed all over the Fujian province and running well. What’s more, nDUP1000 are fully deployed in the Liaoning province, Shandong province, Yunnan province and Hubei province. 

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