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Assignment with Ningbo Beilun on Screen Cross System


At the end of July, Beilun Digital TV has signed the Screen Cross purchasing contract officially, which means it is the second exemplary base for further cooperation on Screen Cross in Zhejiang Province. Beilun is the first place open to outside with highest level in Ningbo Zhejiang, which is the area with most concentrated national opening function areas. It has numerous factories and high-end customers. As a result, this assignment plays a significant role for us to develop Screen Cross business in Zhejiang Province.

Beilun Digital TV transcodes, encrypts and multiplexes the Screen Cross programs in the machine room and will distribute the programs to the trial places via optical fiber. It first purchases 300 sets of Screen Cross to do the trial. The trail places including government buildings, companies, institutes, staff dormitories and etc. Then it covers hospitals, banks, staff dormitories after connecting the WiFi hotspot and the customers in the WiFi area could watch TV wherever  whenever.

The successful assignment influenced the adjacent areas, especially Fenghua Broadcasting Bureau, Zhenghai Broadcasting Bureau and Jiangbei Broadcasting Bureau. After inviting the nearby customers to visit the Beilun trial place to discuss and exchange the opinions on this project, the customers know more about Screen Cross system, especially its low investment, effectiveness and flexibility in watching programs. The customers speak highly of our product and strongly ask our technique staff to go to their office to do some guidance on establishing their own special Screen Cross system.