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NSTV IPQAM Shows its Infinite Vitality


With the development of the triple play, broadcasting operators manage to explore the new business growth point. Nowadays, digitalization, two-way transmission and high definition have been the main trend of broadcasting industry while internet TV has been regarded as the most potential part of value added service. When the two-way network reform is undergoing around the country, broadcasting operators mainly use IPQAM to build the broadcasting interactive platform.

NSTV IPQAM nDUP1000 is developed by our R & D department through many years. The IPAQM modulator is a digital TV general platform with high density edge, high reliability, flexibility and Customizability which was launched in 2012. It could be used in digital TV broadcasting and interactive VOD etc.

The obvious advantages are as follows:

1.       Compared to the traditional devices, nDUP1000 is not influenced by the adjacent frequency

2.       Various ways of network construction

3.       It could provide the adjacent frequency or other frequency modulation output without replacing the devices

4.       It could deploy the frequency freely according to the reality

5.       Redundancy backup and hot plug ensure the reliability of system operation

6.       The battery and modules could switch without power supply failure when it malfunctions

7.       More than 1000M data processing capacity which could meet the different IP network jitter

8.       Protection mechanism for bit rate spilling ensures that the VOD user can continues its video on demand.

9.       Multiprotocol compatibility enable the customers to have the configuration according to their needs.

10.   Besides the above key features, our strong after-sale services system also contributes to its fast development in the market.                                                                                           

In the past years, NSTV has leading in the industry in CAS and keep developing the new products like cloud computing, Screen Cross, AVS+, IPQAM, Smart Gateway and etc. and whole industry chain solutions which has got some achievements. NSTV will also try to provide customers more high quality services.