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STV in BIRTV2014 Shows Energetic Market


Between August 27th to the 30th, 2014 the 23th Beijing International Radio, Film and Television Equipment Exhibition will be held at the Beijing International Exhibition Center. STV will exhibit its new high-tech product SCREEN CROSS, reflective intelligence wearable equipment, drive-by-wire broadcast aerial platform, OTT cloud platform, AVS+, etc. proving it's experience, skill and technology to an energetic market that thrives on change.

Screen Cross
With the development of the Internet and OTT, where people watch TV has changed from the traditional living room, to the bus, subway and countless other places. How people watch TV has also switched from the traditional television screen, to PAD screens, mobile phones, and other kinds of small screens. In order to prevent the loss of broadcast TV users, STV launched its self-developed ”Next General Broadcast Platform” (hereinafter referred to as SCREEN CROSS) the best multi-screen solution for Chinese cable operators.
This platform takes advantage of exceeding one-way cable TV system, covering phones, PC's, tablets, and vehicle display devices via WiFi and broadcasting. It supports iOS, Android operating system, and is suitable for home entertainment, offices, airports, train stations, schools, hospitals, banks and many other public places. SCREEN CROSS also ensures the smooth playing and top quality definition of the programs, as well as fast channel switching speed. Using a LAN port to access to WiFi network, it will not influence user’s broadband experience. In addition, SCREEN CROSS adopted the combination of CAS and user authentication system to guarantee the manageability and control of programs.
The greatest advantage of SCREEN CROSS system is that it can take the resource advantages of broadcast transmission and content, while occupying small screens with relatively low cost and high speed content, operators don’t need to transform existing networks. It draws lessons from the experience and development of OTT. Adopting a variety of innovative concepts SCREEN CROSS becomes the elite tool for operators to build a new broadcasting platform and dominate the small screens market. It is not only a product, but also a business model. At present, the business model of SCREEN CROSS has extended from the family home to public places.
Liaocheng city in Shandong province deployed SCREEN CROSS gateway in its' community corridor, which allowed subscribers to enjoy a fresh visual experience brought by SCREEN CROSS at home. Dandong city of Liaoning province used a public hospital as a pilot project, using SCREEN CROSS to cover each floor of the hospital providing patients and healthcare workers a convenient way to access TV programs at any time. In Jiangxi, the Jiangxi College of Foreign Studies was the first campus project which carried out a live TV share service. This service achieved good results receiving the complete and energetic support from teachers and students.

Figure 1:SCREEN CROSS system structure