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Founded in 1998, China digital TV Holding Co., Ltd (STV) was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 2007 (NYSE:STV).

STV offers customized and end-to end solutions for content security and operational support, including single-way and two-way CAS (Conditional Access), SMS (Subscriber Management System), DRM (Digital Right Management), EPG (Electronic Program Guide), Screen Cross (Multi-screen Broadcasting), NGB(Next Generation Broadcasting), operation management solutions, smart terminal systems and value-added services.

These solutions provide STV with a huge market, including 30 domestic provinces, where STV has consistently been ranked 1st in service for the past several years. STV’s products have also entered more than 30 countries around the world.

By the end of 2015, STV had installed CAS for more than 400 digital TV network operators and has shipped over 130 million CAS smart cards to customers throughout the world.

STV shall continue to innovate and create new breakthroughs to further the development of technology and services in the field of new media, serve the ever growing number of operators and share its new technology with clients and industrial partners all over the world, helping them increase and improve their business.

Core Products

1. Security Products

Conditional Access System (CAS) and Digital Rights Management System (DRM) which are developed by STV independently with complete intellectual property rights, get an outstanding progress along with the development of the Chinese digital TV industry these years and win over both domestic and international operators, becoming widely accepted by its' partners because of its openness, superior performance, secure encryption system, stable operation and quality service.

Along with the advancement of "triple play", the increasing diversification, efficiency, and improvements in broadcasting and television receiving terminals; has allowed the evolution of radio and television industry from the simple digital TV platform to the open cloud service platform. Because of this the of radio and television industry information system is facing a comprehensive challenge when upgrading their security protection system.

STV has launched a new generation of security management system. By taking advantage of the unified security protection strategy, this system can resist organized large-scale hacking attacks, survive severe natural disasters and prevent computer viruses and malicious code. The system can also detect, alert administrators, and record the intrusion behaviors, respond quickly to security incidents, track security responsibilities, recover soon after damage and ensure the continuation of centralized control.

2. Screen Cross

Screen Cross was created when the radio and television industry began to suffer from the impact of mobile operators. It is a solution to prevent the loss of subscribers, helping traditional radio and television operators to expand their business into the burgeoning mobile market.

Screen Cross makes full use of the special advantage of radio and television industry’s broadcasting channels. The radio and television signals cover a variety of smart terminals at a low cost by Screen Cross. Screen Cross can combine the video license and local service advantages of radio and television industry fully, according with the development tendency of the mobile internet business to exploit the value in different industries.

Along with the domestic WI-FI construction, more and more attention is focused on the idea of the intelligent, safe and wireless city, Screen Cross has already become a powerful tool for the radio and television industry in entering the mobile age. With the help of network resource, transmission resource and content resource of radio and television industry, Screen Cross brings a lot of vigor and vitality to the huge WLAN market for radio and television operators.

3. Drive-by-wire Broadcast Aerial Platform

Drive-by-wire broadcast aerial platform is a new innovation in the existing video broadcasting technology. It adopts many technologies, such as unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), high efficiency power supply module and video wireless transmission. It breaks through the bottleneck of traditional helicopters and tie-down balloon video transmission. Relying on STV core technology, drive-by-wire broadcast aerial platform possess not only good stability for video transmission, but also multi-angle shooting at high altitude, flexible movement, uninterrupted broadcasting throughout the day, and other fantastic features.

4. Next Generation Broadcasting Network (NGB-W)

NGB-W is a new generation intelligent media network with the bidirectional interaction framework, high-speed bandwidth, manageability, complete control and reliability. By adopting an open service platform, NGB-W can carry a wide variety of triple play businesses to provide users with refined service, thereby upgrading the existing wireless broadcasting network system in all aspects. Compared with the existing wireless networks, NGB - W network has produced profound changes in business, transforming the traditional one-way broadcasting service mode to the two-way interactive service and omni-directional integration business mode. Taking the intelligence engine as the core, NGB - W provides real-time broadcast television business and value-added services (including Internet access), forming an intelligent full media service networks.

With years of accumulated technologies, such as information security, wireless broadcasting (CMMB, DTMB) and multi-screen smart terminals, STV actively participate in the development of NGB-W-related standards and seek for a breakthrough in those key technologies, for example, channel transmission, network coverage, protocol system and intelligent engine, making a lot of research and development efforts to verify the effectiveness and reliability of various technologies and service platforms.

In addition, STV also provides other products, such as HCI solution, OTT Platform. These products are already widely used.

In the future, STV will continue creating new and unique innovations; seeking breakthroughs and working hard for the domestic and international radio, television, cable television and Internet industry. With the cooperation of its' partners, STV will contribute to the future of technology industry.